Why using aWeber makes sense…

Sooo… You want to get started building an email list like the Pro’s? Then you need aWeber!

Whether you run a small business or a small blog, you need a reliable, professional email list service.

Without consistent contact with your potential customers, there is no way you will be able to compete for your customers attention very long.

What do I need from an email list service?

There is a huge range of service providers out there, but for me the best tool to get started with and that I use is aWeber.

Sure other services have tons of bells and whistles, but here is what you need to focus on:

  • Double Opt-In
  • List Segmenting
  • Auto Follow-Up
  • Delivery
  • Analytics

Let’s break down each of these and see why they are important.

Double Opt-In

Double opt-in means that when a user attempts to subscribe to your newsletter, they are required to confirm their subscription, hence “double opt-in”.

If they do not confirm that they signed up for the email list then nothing happens, they never make it on your list. If they confirm, they are ready to receive emails from you.

aWeber pretty much requires you to use double opt-in, here is why:

  • It protects the customer: You can’t just randomly add people to your list with double opt-in. The customer must explicitly request to be added and then confirm by clicking a link in a confirmation email they receive.
  • It protect YOU: That’s right, you get a layer of protection from people who forget they subscribed and claim you are spamming them. aWeber keeps records of when they double opted-in, so you can sleep better at night.

List Segmenting

List segmenting is the ability to group subscribers based on interest or anything else you may need, basically you make a sub-list of your main list, aWeber makes available several options for creating groups, such as:

  • Region
  • City
  • Country
  • Web Page Visited
  • Sales
  • And many more, including custom types you can define!

Segmenting really comes in handy when you want to make a special offer to subscribers in a specific city or who have purchased a product from you before.

Auto Follow-Up

aWeber does a great job of enabling you to setup automatic messages to be sent to each new subscriber in a certain order.

So for example, instead of having to welcome each new subscriber to your list and helping them catch up to what’s been going on, you can setup an auto follow-up sequence that can introduce your new subscribers to your site, product or service.

You can ensure that each new subscribers receives the exact same great experience and adjust as needed if statistics provided by aWeber show users do not open certain emails or open rates drop off completely.

One obvious way Internet Markets have used aWeber and it’s auto follow-up sequence is for information product launches and affiliate marketing. You can setup up an endless amount of auto follow-up emails to promote your own products or affiliate products.

Delivery Rates

Do you know what an Email Whitelist is and why its important when it comes to email list services?

aWeber has a good standing with service providers like AOL, Yahoo, Google and MSN as well as other services. These services create what is called a Whitelist of trusted email list services and allow emails to be delivered into millions of inboxes bypassing the SPAM filter.

That means your wonderful copywriting skills have a better chance of getting read and have a better chance of making a sale!


aWeber has recently improved their tracking and analytics system for the better. With what seems to be an endless amount of reports that could keep any stats junkie happy.

Keep an eye on QuickStats, it is a cool graph showing you open rates and clicks on links contained within your email.

QuickStats also shows who clicked on what link and how many times. Now ready for the really cool part? You can generate segments based on the subscribers who clicked on a specific link.

Why is this cool? Here are two examples:

  • Pre-Sale: What if you asked your list to check out something that was going to be released in the near future, if they want to know more then click on the link in the email. When a subscriber clicks on the link, you can now include that subscriber in a segmented list. Once you have a nice pool of users in your segmented list, you can market directly to them, as they would be the most likely to buy and not bug the rest of your list who showed little to no interest.
  • They Did Not Buy: How dare they! Yep, it happens, subscribers click on links, get to a the purchase page and don’t buy. Now you can do something about it! You can create a segment on users who clicked on the link in the email and visited the sales page but recorded no purchase. Then follow up with them as to why they did not buy, maybe offer them an incentive to purchase or re-enforce the no risk money back guarantee.

Pretty cool right?

If you are looking to get started with email marketing, check out aWeber. I think they have a special going on right now where they only charge $1 for your first month!

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  • From my own experience, selling educational software, I know that email marketing is the most effective marketing strategy out there. It takes really little time to set up and it offers the biggest return for your investment.
    All you need is a good email template to get those who receive your to open it and be interested in its content and you also need a good email database with opt-in email addresses.

    -- archon