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Building a Community / Social Platform

Sometimes you just have to code and build what you want yourself… So for the last few months I have set out to build my own community / social platform… I called the new community EarnerHub and it’s for people like you and me who earn a living online or want to get started and […]

How to insert NOINDEX,NOFOLLOW meta tags for app sections of your InVision Forum

So I ran across a question at EarnerHub, asking how to NoIndex, NoFollow a blog section of a forum powered by Invision Forum Software… Seemed to me that there should be a plugin or something to take care of this right? Well, I couldn’t find any, so here is how I helped solve for it… […]

How I boosted my Laravel project Page Speed with 3 code snippets

Below are three easy code snippets you can use to boost your Laravel project page speed… Using the Google Page Speed test tool, my Laravel app was slow loading, potentially that could affect my indexing speed and ranking due to poor user experience… So I did a bit of searching and found a great combination […]

Book Review: Deep Work – Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World

Just finished reading Deep Work, a great argument on today’s overwhelming need for constant amusement and distraction. More importantly, this book explains how you can identify distractions, avoid them and get on with doing deep meaningful work… Oh yes… There is hope… Sinking Deeper, Ever So Deeper The author Cal Newport offers many arguments and […]

Systems vs. Goals

If you are stuck not reaching your “goals” and keep starting and stopping, making little to no progress in achieving your visions of success then read this… Whether it’s fitness or business, systems always beat goals to achieve a result… Here is what I mean… What’s Wrong With Goals? Goals are like shiny things, they […]

Top 3 reasons I switched to ConvertKit

ConvertKit is the solution I had been waiting for to finally move away from using aWeber and MailChimp. If you are like me, you probably put up with “almost what I need” or “work arounds” to do your email marketing. Being skeptical, I waited a bit before trying ConvertKit… Everyone promises to be the “ULTIMATE […]

How to create an Early Bird Beta Optin List with ConvertKit

Before I begin writing code for a new membership site, saas project, product or service, I create an Early Bird or Beta Invitation optin interest list. In short, I add a form on a landing page to start collecting emails from people who show early interest in my product or service. In exchange, they get […]

Seinfeld Strategy – The Calendar Method

Like you, I need to stay on task, with countless distraction during the day, I needed a way to both visually see my progress and physically check off goals. Jerry Seinfeld has been credited for an easy way to both see daily progress and taking a pen to paper to cross off another day of […]

Setup JWT for Laravel Lumen and AngularJS

So Laravel rewarded me for being an early adopter of their Micro-Framework Lumen by stripping it of Session and Cookie functionality, forcing me to rewrite code for several sites to use JWT authentication. If you find yourself in the same spot, below is how is how I added JWT auth, of course in a very […]

UPDATE: Moving from CodeIgniter to Lumen

A while ago, I made the transition from CodeIgniter to Lumen and I wrote about it in a post about picking the right PHP framework for a SAAS membership site… What I needed was a super lightweight and fast PHP framework to build out all of my MVP ( minimal viable product ) ideas, I […]